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    We live in dramatic times and that’s pretty much a fact. Whether we see it or not our planet is slowly decaying. There is a wide range of factors due to which this is happening, but rapid population growth and a significant decrease of resources are definitely amongst the top of the charts. However, there is a solution to this – sharing economy is something which might as well provide us the helping hand that we need. This is a strategy or a philosophy, more like it, that encourages people to start sharing as means of increasing their wealth by decreasing resource usage. The examples are already here, and they are spreading like wild fire.
    Take Airbnb, for instance – a world leader in travel services, this website encourages people to rent out their vacant property to others and become hosts on their platform – airbnb.com. By doing so, they reduce the need for building huge hotels and increase their personal income at the same time.
    Uber - this is another perfect representation of the embodiment of sharing economy. Instead of generating thousands of cabs which are used for the sole purpose of chauffeuring people around town, Uber allows you to use your own personal vehicle at the convenience of others.
    TaskRabbit, on the other hand, allows you to “outsource” daily chores to people from your community thus freeing you some free time and providing your neighbor with an additional source of income.
    Yoga App – A Solution for Sharing Meditation Activities
    Following in the footsteps of those visionaries, Appum Studios decided to develop a special application for people who are into yoga and meditation called “ Medidate ”. This Meditation App allows you to conveniently arrange practice groups with other people who share the same passion and practice them at the local park. The applications are numerous. It takes into consideration the increased attention of people towards activities such as this understands a lot of them now prefer to meditate as a solution to fighting the ever-present stress surrounding us. The application allows people to come together, share their meditation experience and learn new yoga techniques.
    It could be used by both people who are enthusiastic about learning how to meditate and by those who teach a yoga course, for instance. The Meditation App offers a chance of people to combine their potential in order to generate mutual and team benefits for all those who are involved. It also allows people to stop searching for available yoga courses and to quickly assemble a group of enthusiast for a session in the park.

    Link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uR4Sh1ZtAX0

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